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About Us

About The Beez Honey Tower

The Beez Honey Tower is created out of the passion for bee keeping. Many years ago a friend introduced me to bee keeping. He set up 2 hives to help my Apple and blueberry orchard. I watched them all summer and we had the best harvest ever.

Unfortunately, the bees didn't survive the winter, but I was hooked. The next spring I bought 2 hives and started reading everything I could about bees. I watched 100s of YouTube videos. During my love for everything bee, I began looking for honey in stores and where they would sell it. I found that honey was hard to find and thought there has to be a better way to display and sell honey. So I created the BEEZ HONEY TOWER.

With a honey comb design and a bold honey bee placed at the top of the tower there is no guessing, that is where honey can be found. The design is created with visibility in mind and also manageability. The BEEZ HONEY TOWER displays 3 shelves with a place for a product sign under each level. All of which packs neatly into each other for easy shipping and storage. For a natural product like Honey, it must not share a shelf with jelly and Jams, but instead stand alone on the

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